The view from Hawthornesyke to the Forth

The landscape and topography of the Hopetoun Estate is varied and includes several bings, quarries, forests, beaches, canals, rivers and a reservoir. However more than half of the land here is used for agriculture.

The farms at Hopetoun extend to 3,000 acres of in-hand lowland ground in addition to a further 1,500 acres of tenanted farm land. In addition there are 600 acres of grassland over which we rear our own livestock.

Hopetoun is a mixed farm incorporating 2200 acres of combinable crops, 600 acres of grassland over which beef cattle, sheep and poultry are reared and 1oo acres dedicated to agro-environmental enhancement.


Hopetoun has 2200 acres of combinable crops on the Estate including oil seed rape, barley and wheat. Sileage, wheat and barley from the farms is also used for feed and for bedding for our own livestock.

Some of our sheep reared near Hopetoun House
Some of our sheep reared near Hopetoun House


There has been a variety of livestock reared on the Estate over the last few hundred years but towards the end of the 20th Century this was mainly just sheep.

More recently the farming business has returned to livestock production and partnered with Hopetoun Farm Shop as the main supplier of fresh butchery produce from the Estate.

This supply includes our own Aberdeen Angus cattle, sheep, free range chickens and bronze turkeys. For more information visit the Hopetoun Farm Shop section.

Agro-Environmental Enhancement

Within the Estate there are 100 acres of land committed to agro-environmental enhancement.