The Trust

In 1974 the present Marquess, (then Earl of Hopetoun) and his father, established the Hopetoun House Preservation Trust (HHPT), one of the first independent charitable trusts of its kind, to own and manage the House and a substantial part of the Designed Landscape. In 1995 the Trustees reached an agreement with the National Heritage Memorial Fund whereby HHPT set up a further charitable trust with the same objectives, namely the Hopetoun Foundation, to which the National Heritage Memorial Fund made a substantial grant.


The objectives of the two Trusts are the conservation of Hopetoun, its buildings, collections and parkland; the educational use of these facilities and the enjoyment of the visiting public through participation:

  • To preserve the House and Grounds as a national monument and to protect and improve their amenities;
  • To preserve for the benefit of the nation the furniture, paintings, manuscripts and other articles of historical or artistic interest associated with the House;
  • To facilitate and encourage access to the House and Grounds by the general public, and the study and appreciation of the House and its contents and of the ancillary buildings of historical interest as well as the designed landscape surrounding the House for educational purposes and in particular, for purposes connected with historic or aesthetic education.

The Hopetoun House Preservation Trust is a Registered Charitable Trust (SCO09760)