Today is World Polio Day and along with Rotary Club of South Queensferry and 21CC Group Ltd – Events, Production, Fireworks, Pyro & FX we turned Hopetoun Purple4Polio.

Polio cases in the world have been reduced significantly since Rotary took on the challenge, in 1985, of eradicating the polio virus in the world. The figure then was 350,000 cases worldwide. Today there are only 85 cases of the wild polio-virus in only two countries – Afghanistan and Pakistan. August saw Nigeria and thus the African continent celebrating being wild polio-virus free. It is Rotary’s primary aim to eradicate the polio-virus and rid the world of this terrible disease.

Purple4Polio is one of the symbols which Rotary International uses for its end polio campaign. In mass immunisations when a child gets immunised the little finger is dipped in a purple dye to show who has been immunised; hence the adoption of purple, purple crocuses, purple ice cream and Purple4Polio.

For more information go to go to www.myrotary.org

“As long as Polio threatens even one child, anywhere in the world, all children, wherever they live, remain at risk”. Bill Gates.

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